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Environment – “Preserving natural resources”

Environmental protection has high priority for HUGO BOSS

The aim of environmental management is to continually reduce the environmental impact of the company's activities. The environmental policy of HUGO BOSS disclosed on the Company’s website describes the principles of environmental protection in all relevant parts of the Company. The Company’s scope for exerting direct influence covers such aspects as the construction and operation of administration, warehousing and production buildings as well as the transportation of goods and distribution. It reduces emissions and thus contributes to climate protection by employing energy-efficient building designs and technologies as well as optimized transport routes.

Group’s own retail stores in Europe certified under ISO 50001 for the first time

HUGO BOSS is continuously working on measures to increase the energy efficiency of its buildings. When renovating and constructing new buildings, the Company is always mindful of the need to reduce energy consumption and related emissions through the use of autonomous energy supply systems and energy-efficient technologies. The new store concept introduced in Fall 2017 also incorporates sustainability aspects such as the use of sustainably produced materials, a modular furniture system and efficient energy management. Moreover, the energy management system of all of the Group’s own retail stores in Europe was certified under ISO 50001 for the first time in 2017.

Optimization of transport routes reduces emissions

As part of its efforts to optimize transport routes, the Company is increasingly using environmentally-friendly means of transportation. Thus, the use of sea freight routes from Asia via Southern European ports or train links from Asia to Europe is an alternative to combined air and sea freight, helping to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. Detailed information on the Company’s carbon dioxide emissions can be found in the annual sustainability report.

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