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Employees – “Fostering a fair and responsible culture”

Corporate values and Code of Conduct underpinning relations between the Company and its employees

HUGO BOSS wishes to additionally strengthen its position in international competition for the most qualified employees. The basis for relations between the Company and its employees in a fair and value-based corporate culture is formed by the corporate values and the Code of Conduct. The latter provides guidance for legally and ethically correct conduct in day-to-day business. This also entails the acknowledgement of diversity and equal opportunities for all employees, which is a high priority at HUGO BOSS. For the Company, this means ensuring non-discriminatory working conditions and equal opportunities for all employees regardless of their nationality, gender, age or possible handicaps. Employees

Employee satisfaction reaches 70%

Employees and their satisfaction play a central role in the achievement of the Company’s goals. In 2017, Great Place to Work® Germany measured employee satisfaction at HUGO BOSS for the first time on a Group-wide basis. With the participation rate of 66%, overall satisfaction of 70% was measured. This figure is not comparable to the previous year’s result as the survey was widened to include all Group companies. The results of the survey provide the Company with an important impetus for the further development of its human resources work and the corporate culture. At the same time, it forms a fixed component of the long-term management compensation. Compensation Report

Ongoing internal sharing on sustainability matters

HUGO BOSS regularly informs its employees on the progress that is being made in implementing its sustainability strategy. In 2017, it regularly offered interested employees an insight into its diverse sustainability activities and the views of external experts in the “Thinking Beyond, Acting to the Point” series of presentations. The exceedingly favorable response has prompted the Company to continue this type of open and constructive dialog in the coming year. A Group-wide e-learning program offers employees various training sessions to heighten their awareness of matters such as the observance of HUGO BOSS social standards or the use of products that are free of hazardous substances.

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